”Wow! Carolina, how did your hair grow so much in such a short period of time? ”What exactly do you use on your hair?”Girrrrrl, you have good hair genes”. These always make me happy, I must Say. Your comments, questions, compliments are the inspiration for the birth of this post. I’m pretty sure y’all would have been very thirsty by now, so sorry I had to wait this long to serve you more juice. Please raise your glasses up as they get refilled with this post. My decision to start out as a naturalista involved a lot of research work, trial and error and checking up a lot of natural hair blogs and Vlogs. It looked like a lot of work and it was really, but as we all know, nothing good comes easy and this was an excellent decision so the work had to be much harder. I got to know that one had to use a sulphate-free shampoo on wash days to prevent dry hair and scalp, hair loss, in fact damage in general. This is much more than what I read on some blog, I’m a product of experience. I did a trial and the error was the inspiration of my search for an excellent shampoo that was budget friendly. The result of the search was futile, so I resulted to a DIY(do it yourself) shampoo.

I saw a review on the legendary ‘dudu osun’ on I got the soap, melted it and mixed it with honey, voila!! I had made my shampoo. The lathering property is excellent, I used this shampoo for a year and I didn’t have to worry about hair damage. It leaves a yummy feeling on your hair after wash. However the stress in getting it done was the disadvantage, so when blossom(my hair) was a year old, I decided to get a natural hair shampoo and then I stumbled upon ‘Hair wonder natural shampoo’, and it was the definition of love-at-first-sight of the content. This shampoo was supposed to be a gift for my hair and it was indeed a wonderful one. The shampoo leaves people wondering how your hair could look so good after wash. I promise to do a proper review of this product in another post because it deserves it.

After getting blossom washed, I dry her a little with my cotton cloth(an old shirt that’s out of use). I don’t use a towel because I don’t want my hair completely dry and the towel actually increases the amount of hair loss after wash. Then, I do a hot oil treatment. You know how you go to a spa and the masseuse puts all kinds of essential oils on your beautiful skin to make it even more beautiful and that amazing feeling your body gets afterwards, yeah exactly, that kind of feeling but a whole lot better. I use any and all kinds of natural oils available ; coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, castor oil, mix them all in a cup and heat in a small quantity of hot water then massage it into my scalp and through out my hair. This not only serves as a treatment but also helps condition my hair.

Afterwards, I get my hair wrapped up neatly with a scarf for a day or two till I feel my hair has really absorbed the oil, then I unwrap my hair and weave it till it is ready to be made or I want to style it into a bun. Can you spot that little tiny green plant in the picture at the top of this post? yeah that one, it’s an aloe vera plant. Hmmmn, I can’t even over emphasise on how useful that plant is, as a hair product. I often use the gel inside of it before and after wash, and in styling my hair too. I use it to lay my edges before an actual edge control is applied, so it could serve as a temporary gel. So…. this people, has been my natural hair care routine for the past one year and some months. However I’m open to trying out new hair products and care routine. Now, Let’s talk about your hair care routine(relaxed or natural). I’ll love to know.



Heyyyy, have you met blossom?(in barney’s voice; my fellow lovers of ‘how I met your mother’, would grab instantly). You know how something means so much to you and there’s just this bond that seems to be formed between you two, yeah exactly that kind, but stronger. Here’s the summary of our love story….

My natural hair is a year, two months and eleven days today since I had my big chop but only became blossom about three months ago. The truth is, I was very unsure about what I was doing when I made the decision to put a scissors through my hair, I guess if we had to be sure about everything we do, then what do we call adventure or risk-taking, bottom line is, life would be boring, lol. My early months during my journey wasn’t rosy, at least that was what I thought. I did a lot of comparison, cursing and I put a lot of pressure on its growth. Yeah, I was a victim of ‘bad hair treatment’.

Later, during the journey I got to appreciate my hair better. I realised that my hair is mine and it can only be mine. So I put in more effort with love and I watched her blossom. Her growth rate and the love that grew over time inspired the name, ‘Blossom’. At this point, my hair became a year old (22/12/17).

Lest,I forget to mention. Like every other journey, there has been bumps on the way. I once shared one on my Instagram page, you could check it out here>>> Countless times, I have used bad products on blossom, expecting a magnificent outcome, funny yeah?. Not to forget the times I would have little or no money to do protective styles to cover her up, so I’ll let her out in this not-so-good Nigerian weather for months. Then at night, I’ll have to braid her before I sleep and if I forget to, I’ll try combing her out in the morning while crying.

In all of these, blossom is still my hair, I’ve learned to appreciate and love her. I would never ask for a change of hair, I only pray for her growth, better days and the grace to avoid terrible mistakes. I mean who doesn’t love a BLACK , CURLY , BLOGGING-JOURNEY INSPIRATION and EVERYTHING NICE kind of hair….. Well,I do!!!


Hey gorg,

Why do you hate me so much? I didn’t create myself, let alone choose to be with you. Everything about our union was predestined. All of these years, I have loved you and been with you in spite of your unending hatred. You have pushed me away endlessly and when you needed me I always returned. I have been subjected to harsh treatment and battered with angry words. I am not as good as you want me to be because you never gave me the chance to be. I do not require much from you, all I ask is that you love me for what I am and not make me a subject of comparison. Please, treat me with love and care, nourish me with kind words and watch me become my best.

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We all have been guilty of bad treatment of our hair at different times in our lives, some of us are still though. It might not necessarily be bad care directly but the little hurtful words we utter sometimes. We often wish we didn’t have our kind of hair. Then comes social media, like a devil at night which deceives a lot of us, maybe not all the time, but the effect of one time means a lot. Naturalistas are guilty of this. We see the picture of someone’s hair journey and notice that the interval between ‘the big chop’ and ‘the 8-inch length’ achieved is quite short, then we start to look down on ours and begin to call for a pity party, making light of the fact that we are all made different. If the picture is a lie, don’t you think your self pity would be worthless. OK, let’s say it’s a real picture, I’m sure it’s goal would be to inspire.

I once listened to a radio talk on how important the things we say are and how they affect other things around us. Note, this story might be fictitious but I hope you get the message. So there were two flower pots in a classroom. To one of the pots, the pupils were made to say nice words and to the other, hurtful words…. We all can guess how this ends.

The Bible teaches us of how powerful the tongue is. Most times, we see that when we say bad things, they do happen, so why don’t we turn those angry words into words of love and positivity. Determine today to make conscious efforts to love your hair and speak only good about your hair and watch it bloom…… Stay queening and kinging with your beautiful crown(hair).

P. S: I added kinging because I get a lot of guys asking me what about care for men’s hair.. Lol, your hair is natural too so please feel free to join this journey..



Psst!! Hey you, yes you reading this. I welcome you specially to my little world. I am glad you are taking some minutes out of your precious time to go through this post. For that, you just got yourself a free road ticket to my blogging journey with the best of seats and a chilled glass of juicy write-ups.

So here is the highlight of the journey. Blackfrochick is a natural hair blog. However, for those who are not naturalistas, I’ll be dropping few tips to help improve your beautiful hair and make it healthier. I’ll love to be a bit flexible at times, so do not be surprised if some dishes are not about hair. I mean, we can all do with some adventure… Lol.

So…. Relax, fasten your seat belts, blackfrochick is at your service and is assuring you an awesome ride with no butt cramps…. Ciao